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  • Heather Monroe

    Heather Monroe

    Welcome readers! Heather Monroe is a genealogist and writer who resides in California with her partner and their nine children. •True Crime• History• Memoir•

  • Anjali Tibrewal

    Anjali Tibrewal

  • Rachel Theriot

    Rachel Theriot

    Thinking about leadership, productivity, parenting, and mindfulness; dreaming of our infinite human potential. A die-hard fan of the Oxford Comma.

  • Jacqueline A

    Jacqueline A

    Potential should be realised.

  • Tarık K. Yanık

    Tarık K. Yanık

    a human.

  • Marguerite Thery

    Marguerite Thery

  • sixfour


    crypto enthusiast

  • Antoine Clement

    Antoine Clement

    Just trying to spread ideas and keep a smile:)

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