Antique Keys

Human success on the planet has been made possible thanks to our ability to communicate in the purpose of solving complex problems as groups. However, some groups have not always agreed together, causing multiple conflicts that shaped our history. Cryptography has shown itself as a tool to make communication between two parties secret to any other partie. This tool has been way more important than we think, and we will explore how it shaped history in the past, in the present and in the future. …

The concept of abstraction is fundamentally essential and rooted in human existence. Since 200,000 years, humans have accumulated an immense set of knowledge in many different fields. Doing so has been possible with abstraction, a concept that helps us grow our knowledge in a lot of different ways. We will explore what abstraction is with a philosophy perspective, to help us understand abstraction in computer science and the human brain.

One of the most popular reflections of abstraction in philosophy has been made by John Locke in 1689. In book III, Locke mentions that in the language, we use general…

Interaction between two isolated systems.

When understood, some concepts can give the learner a complete new perspective of the world. Thermodynamics is one of them. This is a broad and generic subject that gives opportunity to parallel it with a lot of aspects in the world. Today we will parallel it with psychology, and more particularly to the human mind.

Thermodynamics is the science of heat, work, temperature and their relations to energy.

Let’s decompose these:

  • Heat: the energy transferred between two systems as a result of their differences in temperature.
  • Work: the energy transferred between two systems in the form of physical displacement.
  • Temperature…

Gautier Marechal

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